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At Leopard Co, we're committed to investing in young talent and helping aspiring communications professionals get their paw in the door of this fast-paced industry.


This month, we welcomed Saswatha to the pack and offered her a sneak peek into agency life. After a five-day immersive experience at the Leopard Co Summer School, here are Saswatha's thoughts...


Have you ever been intrigued by the creative minds behind captivating marketing campaigns?


As a behavioural science student, I've always been intrigued to learn more about how my studies can intersect with the dynamic world of marketing. This curiosity led me to discover Big Cat Agency, a standout marketing agency that blends these two subjects.


While diving into their work, I stumbled upon some exciting news: Big Cat was joining forces with spottydog communications to form Leopard Co!


What caught my eye next was even more thrilling. Leopard Co was opening its doors for a week-long immersive experience of agency life. Without hesitation, I reached out to Account Director Amy Marsh.


You can imagine my joy when, within a week, I secured a spot at the summer school at Leopard Co!


Back to school

My journey began by meeting Bronia Hennessy, Senior Communications Executive, who was to be my mentor for the week.


Our initial chat revolved around the week's activities that would be focused on real-life examples from agency life. I was soon engrossed in my first assignment — crafting a press release for a chic Italian restaurant in the Jewellery Quarter.


This task was both challenging and enlightening as it introduced me to the art of press releases. The team further enhanced my learning by providing access to invaluable tools through the CIPR and Vuelio, offering a deeper dive into the world of PR.


Let's get to work

Day two was a blend of excitement and learning. I travelled from London to Birmingham to meet the team face-to-face. The scenic walk from the station to the New Oxford House building set the tone for the day.

Operations Director Anna Baker, with her infectious enthusiasm, gave me a tour of the office and shared the origin story of Leopard Co.

The task for the day revolved around creating social media posts and conducting a social media audit. Creating catchy social media captions was the part I enjoyed the most!

Day three involved a mix of activities. The highlight? Researching influences, especially those with adorable pets! I scoured the internet, identified potential pet influencers and crafted the perfect message to grab their attention. 

During the day, I had the privilege of speaking to Aaron Wells, behavioural expert and Associate Director at Leopard Co. Our conversation was a treasure trove of insights, further fuelling my passion for the field.

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A deep dive into agency life

Day four was a deep dive into my task of the week where I was able to plan an entire campaign! I was really excited to have a chance to inject my behavioural science insights into a marketing campaign strategy.

The day also featured a hands-on "Lunch and Learn" presentation on art direction using your phone by Senior Graphic Designer Joe Taylor. Following this, I partnered with Miranda Lukangu, Senior Communications Executive, and we ventured outdoors to capture engaging images of products and magazines.

And if the day couldn't get any better, we had a visit from Cooper, a pup from the Birmingham Dogs Home who stole the hearts of everyone in the office!

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Part of the pack

My final day, though remote, was no less engaging. I continued working on a campaign idea for a popular bar chain based in the UK, a task that perfectly encapsulated my love for marketing and behavioural science.

Looking back, my week at Leopard Co's Summer School was packed with learning and fun. Big thanks to Bronia for guiding me!

This week gave me a real feel for agency life and boosted my confidence in my PR and digital marketing skills. The icing on the cake? A sleek certificate to commemorate the week!

If you're on the lookout for a similar experience, I urge you to enrol in the Leopard Co Summer School. Time will fly, but the memories and learnings will last a lifetime.

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Find out more about the Leopard Co Summer School here.


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