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Strategic marketing communications, helping you navigate through business problems caused by proactive and reactive change. 

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Reputation Management

We protect and promote the reputations of PLCs, public sector, charities and consumer brands. Reputation Management isn’t about putting a sticking plaster on a brand after an issue, but ensuring organisation's behaviour is genuine and authentic in good times and bad.

Marketing & Communications Strategy

Achieve greater consistency, clarity, efficiency, differentiation and measurability in your communications efforts, driving better business results.

Culture Change

A group of Leopards is a Leap, so it’s in our nature to understand how to harness the power of people and help organisations to work as one pack, whilst balancing the understanding that every workforce population features the diversity of perspectives, motivations and interests.

Behaviour Change

Most business goals need to inspire their audience to change behaviour in order to achieve an objective. We use behavioural science to help organisations powerfully persuade their audiences to think and behave differently in order to inspire that behaviour change.

Internal Communications

Colleagues are the most valuable asset within an organisation. Effective internal communications maximise the impact they make through engagement to enable them to be your best brand ambassadors.

Crisis Management

Our award winning work in crisis management has related to supporting corporate, consumer brand and government agencies to respond to issues that had the potential to break their businesses.

Operational Change

Communications strategy, tactical delivery and internal communications to support organisations that are transforming through operational change.

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Why now is the perfect time for brands to invest in marketing and brand-building

Practical steps for brands to capitalize on the current economic climate include increasing marketing budgets, investing in brand-building activities, leveraging technology, and measuring and optimising marketing campaigns.

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Leaping into better employee engagement

Unlocking Lasting Relationships: Empowering Engagement with LEAP

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What are the principles of behaviour change?

In our latest blog, we discuss how the principles of behaviour change can influence your brand's marketing and benefit your business.