Having impact through your marketing is about resonating with your target consumer on a deep psychological level. But that is certainly not easy.

If you're looking to understand consumer behaviour and maximise your Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) and get people to take action, then behavioural science could be the magic ingredient that you're currently missing.

Leopard Co offers 'Behaviour Boost' — a bespoke Behavioural Science Workshop to help you tackle those business challenges and get your customers to turn into loyal brand advocates.

But what is behavioural science?

It is the study of consumer decision-making. Knowing what makes people tick and going with the grain of their behaviour can be powerful in business.

Why behavioural science?

Communications are designed to get people to do something: visit a website, make a purchase, join a college, give to charity, and so on. So an understanding of why people do what they do, and how they make decisions, is critical. As Richard Chattaway stated in his book, The Behaviour Business: "If you are in business, you are in the business of behaviour."

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Why behavioural science for your business?

  1. Gain advantage over your competitors

    Despite its proven success, behaviour science is still not widely known, or used, in business. By using behavioural science, you will be one step ahead of your competitors.

  2. Easy and affordable

    Once you understand the key principles, your mind will open to a whole new world of possibilities. Behavioural science will change the way you approach your marketing for years to come.

  3. Backed by 130 years of robust, reliable evidence

    Behavioural science isn't new, especially to the business giants. Tech companies such as Google, Amazon, Spotify, and Netflix have been at the forefront of behavioural science for many years.
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How the workshop works

  1. Pre-meet and planning

    Once you've decided to book into a workshop, we'll meet with you ahead of time to discover more about your business, the objectives, and the barriers that you need to overcome. This 45-minute session will give you a sneak preview into what to expect and help us develop a bespoke workshop that specifically addresses your business needs.

    Our team of experts will prepare a bespoke workshop using the CATERS behaviour change framework, using evidence and case studies to bring the principles to life.

  2. The session

    No one knows your business quite like you, so bring your thinking caps! Our team will prepare the stimuli and come with our own thoughts; however, the session will be fun and interactive, meaning we want you to be involved!

    We'll prepare relevant evidence and case studies for each part of the framework, then use the time wisely to co-create ideas for your business.

    The session usually lasts half a day, ideally face-to-face (either at ours or yours!), so plenty of caffeine and snacks will be needed!

    Workshop facilitators: Strategy Director, Aaron Wells and Co-CEO Anthony Tattum. Aaron and Anthony have delivered workshops to a number of brands, having been trained by Richard Shotton, behavioural science practitioner and author of The Choice Factory and The Illusion Of Choice.

    At the end of the session, we will score each of the ideas based on how easy or difficult they are to execute as well as how impactful we think they are.

  3. Follow-up

    We'll follow up with a summary of the workshop actions, but our support doesn't just stop there. As behavioural science experts, we know the importance of 'nudges'. This is about checking in on the progress of the actions we've discussed, plus providing you with additional information for up to six months after the workshop. This helps the theories to 'stick'.
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Our prices start from £2,500 and are tailored depending on how many business challenges you need to discuss and how many team members will be involved in the process. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Don't just take our word for it...

Case Study: Royce Lingerie

We held a behavioural science, half-day workshop with our client, Royce Lingerie

Starting with their business challenges, we explored each part of the behavioural science framework, CATERS. The behavioural insights from this framework and global business examples were discussed and applied during several working sessions, developing a number of ideas for Royce Lingerie.

These concepts were whittled down to 12 actionable ideas, which were prioritised. The application of these insights included using social proof and scarcity on the website.

Since implementing these changes, Royce Lingerie has seen record-breaking revenues.

Francesca Fleming Royce Lingerie The workshop was extremely engaging. It had been carefully put together to combine expert insight and some fun breakout sessions. It has made us rethink some of our marketing strategies and implement some quick-fire changes to our retail website, taking consumer behaviour into consideration. We were left hungry for more! Francesca Fleming, Commercial Director
Fi Harrison

"The workshop provided the insight and knowledge we needed to look at our charity’s Christmas campaign in a new way for 2023. The team has a wealth of experience working across many sectors and this provided a depth of expertise and perspectives.

The workshop was designed to guide our team through a step-by-step approach, to finding new ways to maximise our opportunities to engage supporters and increase our “ask”.  This included looking at examples and facilitating brainstorms to help us select the ideas that would best work for us.

We have applied a lot of the ideas from the workshop to our campaign this year and are optimistically expecting to see a significant uplift." Fi Harrison, Head of Fundraising & Communications, Birmingham Dogs Home


How long will the workshop last?

Around 4 hours, however this does depend on the number of people involved and the extent of co-ideation.

What will I get at the end?

A PDF with the key actions categorised by the part of the framework it sits in, how easy/difficult we think it is to be achieved and how impactful we think it is.

How many of us do you need?

3-4 people is advised.

How much does it cost?

Our prices start from £2,500, and are tailored depending on how many business challenges you need to discuss, how many team members will be involved in the process and location of the workshop.

Where does it take place?

We can host the workshop at our Birmingham city centre office or come to you.

How much prep work is there from my side?

Other than the pre-meet 45-minute session, not much at all! The tighter brief you give us, the better. It's best to focus on a specific challenge your brand is facing.

How can you help with the actions following up on the workshop?

Yes, we can help in several ways depending on what resources you already have. For example, we can offer consultation and overseeing testing, creative concepts, and campaign management, however you may wish to implement everything in-house or with existing agencies.

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