Reputation Management.


It’s hard to put a price on having a good Reputation, but when it’s damaged, the impact is clearly visible to the bottom line.  Just ask Gerald Ratner.

We work with a diverse range of companies to help to anticipate, strategically manage and respond to business issues that may affect your brand reputation.

People often comment on a ‘PR disaster’, but in truth, most brand reputations are damaged through operational failure. When companies make mistakes, the best advice is to say sorry, and not to expect that great PR can spin organisations out of a problem.

But it’s true, poor communications handling of an issue can make a difficult situation significantly worse, so it's critical to have communications professionals in the C Suite.

Most of the clients we support from a reputation management perspective brief us ahead of problems so we can prepare and support them to navigate through difficult problems.  

Our external viewpoint, outside of the corporate bubble enables us to give clients independent and unbiased advice, looking through the lens of an outsider who doesn’t have the same bias as stakeholders within the organisation.


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