Thrive into Work is an employment support programme aimed at supporting people with physical and or mental health needs, disabilities, and other specific barriers to employment.

Thrive into Work differs from other employment support programmes and offers a personalised and supportive approach so that people with health needs can obtain and retain meaningful work.

The challenge? Getting GPs to shout out Thrive into Work as often as they prescribe medications. We’d need to understand GP professionals and the service users to create a strategy and a set of communications.


Good strategy always starts with research, even on a small scale. We got chatty. We had heart-to-hearts with clients, GPs, health pros, and the real heroes on the front lines delivering Thrive into Work. No stiff shirts here, just casual convos.

What did we find? Well, both service users and the Thrive into Work staff spilled the tea on some real barriers - the things they think, feel, and do.


And guess what? GPs had their own hurdles, too! Priorities, playing it safe, and time crunches were the main culprits.


Next up, we needed to find a sweet spot for GPs and here’s our strategy:

Insight: Job centres take in people looking for work, Thrive into Work take people in with health conditions looking to improve their wellbeing. 


GPs who don’t currently view Thrive into Work as a health services organisation.


See Thrive into Work as an essential part of their referral toolkit, like they already do physiotherapy, psychiatry services etc.


Showing them that Thrive into Work betters the health of people with a health condition by providing specialist employment services.

Strategic Platform: Wellness into Work

Media strategy

The media strategy was to target GP professionals to try and shift their mindset. We implemented a multi-channel marketing campaign across owned and paid channels:


Our game plan? Break down barriers at every stage of the funnel, with each channel doing its thing.

We used classic medicine bottles, but instead of pills, they held empowering words like Confidence, Independence, and Purpose to capture the feeling of getting back to work.


The campaign was well received by stakeholders. Some of the metrics we could measure were:

  • LinkedIn: overall the campaign performed really well surpassing all the original targets.
  • There was a 49% increase in traffic to site, 70% increase in CTR and a 15% reduction in CPC than originally benchmarked.