Behaviour Change.


The first building block of behaviour change is through gaining insights around what are the drivers and triggers that are important to the audience we aim to influence. 

If we understand what gets their attention, interest, time or money we then can develop the ‘nudges’ that can be instrumental in acting as a catalyst to behaviour change.

As Richard Chattaway stated in his book, The Behaviour Business, “If you are in business, you are in the business of behaviour”.
Our approach to business uses this consumer insight combined with applied creativity to create behaviour change. 

We utilise the UK Government’s Behavioural Insights Team’s EAST framework which is used to devise the ‘nudges’ to inspire action.  This framework is about making inspiring choices that are Easy, Attractive, Social and Timely, but we layer in the Contextual and Relative pillars to provide further insights to tap into when applied to business settings.

To work clients through this process we tend to start with a workshop session to understand the barriers that we need to overcome in order to drive behaviour to achieve the organisational goal.  

We use the CATERS framework to explore inherent biases, and then generate post-workshop recommendations with solutions and tactics to overcome barriers. This then generates an activity plan specifying initiatives or campaigns which will resonate and create the nudge.

From here we create a Proof of Concept pilot to test if the strategy and tactics resonate and translate from theory to real-world experience.  As with all comms, an iterative process may be required to test, learn and adapt in order to create the final communications programme.


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Behaviour Change

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