Strategic Marketing Communications.

Every client challenge is different, so whilst we consistently work through our four-stage process to develop Marketing Communications Strategy, every solution is unique and bespoke to the client.

Stage one is about understanding the landscape, gaining insights from the audience, the operating landscape, internal capability and competitors.  

Stage two is where we develop the strategy, sometimes utilising recognised theoretical models and sometimes we recognise that the client’s own unique set of circumstances requires an original treatment.

Once we secure Board sign-off on the strategy, stage three is about holding the hands of our clients, with knowledge transfer training and support to enable the strategy to be translated into deployment.  This is particularly important when the strategy requires innovation or changes to established operational practices.  It’s important that colleagues are supported and onboarded so there is no friction when it comes to strategy deployment.

Finally, we support the organisation with strategy delivery as specific initiatives are rolled out tactically, resourced either externally by our consultancy team or internally by in-house resources.

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Marketing & Communications Case Studies

Van Fleet
B2B marketing strategy for vehicles defect reporting app SmartCheck

Through in-depth audience and market research, we developed a marketing strategy including positioning SmartCheck in a competitive B2B market.

Clinic Marketing
Marketing a Mental Health Hospital: Our Brand Positioning Strategy for Cardinal Clinic

We created a marketing strategy for Cardinal Clinic, one of the UK’s leading private mental health hospitals.

Strategic Marketing & Communications insights

Leopard Marketing
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5 stages to a successful marketing strategy

A good marketing strategy involves diagnosis, targeting, positioning, setting objectives, then creating a set of short and long-term tactics.

AI Chip Image
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How AI and Behavioural Science Can Optimise Marketing Strategies

Find out how AI and behavioural science can optimise your marketing strategy in our latest blog.

Blog Cover Photo
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Introducing Birmingham’s newest marketing communications group: Leopard Co

What happens when you combine a spottydog with a Big Cat? You get a... Leopard!


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