Fleet managers are up to their ears in daily issues and people-management problems. Getting through to them and having them see SmartCheck as a real solution, not another thing on the list, was critical to success. 


Through secondary research (online forums, news articles, competitor reviews and reports) and primary research (interviews with internal stakeholders and current customers), we looked to go beyond the functional and create an emotive message that would resonate deeply with our target and establish trust. 

Through our research, we found a common theme: going paperless. This appeared to be the key proposition from competitors and the industry as a whole. That’s when we asked ourselves: is paper the problem?

We discovered getting rid of paper was only the tip of the iceberg for fleet managers. They were dealing with serious daily issues such as: 

Broken process: Getting everyone to follow a process and correctly conduct their fleet checks, even if using an app, was a daily struggle. 
People management: Fleet managers know the ins and outs of the business, but that doesn’t mean they know how to manage people. This addition to their job was uncharted territory and many aren’t set up for success. 

Pushback from employees: Change is hard and not everyone is excited about it. They may want to make improvements, but sometimes the status quo is easier to keep the pieces no matter how broken it is. 

B2B Marketing Insight

We realised, they didn't have a paper problem, they had a headache.

This became our key proposition and platform for the campaign, which we summarised in in this strategy: 

Smart Check Case Study Asset 3


Through this new, emotionally-led proposition we created distinctive headlines that would appear when searching for any topic related to fleet management. Copy that harmonised the functional with the emotional, such as: 

Imagine a world where pieces of paper turn into peace of mind… welcome to SmartCheck.  

A process everyone follows, properly, every time. You are not dreaming. 

Uninterrupted morning coffees? Check. 

Smartcheck Communications Plan

This copy, combined with a fully articulated paid search keyword analysis, created a stand-out approach to capture the industry's attention and create a pipeline of new customers.

Want to see more about the results of the paid search campaign? Check out our SmartCheck case study on Big Cat Agency, our creative agency in the Leopard Co portfolio of agency brands. 

Smart Check Testimonial Image “When looking for a marketing agency to support us, we were keen to find a likeminded business with similar values to us. Leopard Co. are friendly, relaxed people that know their business and provide great insight and support.   Initially, we were provided with strategy support, which included competitor analysis and gaining an understand of our customer personas. From there we built a set of objectives allowing us to plan a targeting and positioning strategy.   Overall, our experience working with Leopard Co. has been incredibly positive. The team have been supportive, accommodating, knowledgeable and nothing is too much trouble. We would highly recommend”. Jessica Lowe, Commercial Manager - SmartCheck

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