IcleTest is an innovative home health testing device designed for the early detection of invisible traces of blood in urine. This medical tool encourages proactive health management, allowing individuals to regularly monitor their health from the convenience of their homes. 

If blood is detected, it's crucial for people to consult their healthcare provider for comprehensive tests. IcleTest emphasises the importance of early detection in diseases like kidney cancer, urging both men and women to take charge of their health vigilantly.

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Following the successful campaign using the trusted and credible Dr Keval Patel, a compelling new video was required using James Whale, a TV and Radio broadcaster diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer. 

His personal journey serves as a powerful tool for health advocacy, inspiring others to adopt preventative health measures by being vigilant for early warning signs of cancer. James's openness about his condition is a call to action for increased awareness and prevention.

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Our strategy hinged on leveraging the authentic story of a respected broadcaster to enhance awareness about the importance of spotting early warning signs.

With this in mind, we shot a professional video to craft a compelling testimonial story. Filmed in the comfort of James' home, his candid and hopeful dialogue was shaped into edits for paid social channels, aiming to amplify the message, boost sales, and support a charity with a share of the proceeds.


We recognise that fresh marketing assets are vital for invigorating paid social advertising campaigns. The James Whale video complements existing user-generated content and other video footage, enhancing the overall impact.

IcleTest has been pleased with the outcomes so far, validating the effectiveness of our professional video production services in driving engagement and sales.







Leopard has handled two video production and editing projects for IcleTest, leveraging authority talent in the health and media sectors. From initial storyboarding and scripting to managing the projects and editing, I trust Leopard to get the job done with minimal input from me. I’m happy with the quality of the outputs and the results have also been extremely positive! Marketing Director, IcleTest